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You can place the rear camera in the front like it’s shown on the video or extend it to the back window when fitting.

One of The Best Dash Cams Money Can Buy, Which is Insurance Approved!

Best-Dash-Cam-HDLooking for the best dash cam with front and rear cameras for your car, your bike, vans, motorhomes, business use to record video footage when it matters most? This device is a very high-quality “In-Car Camera” and is no toy. Best in car cam company by our visitors on 2017 for great savings and easy to use forms that will save you plenty in this crowded market.

Save money on your insurance costs very year with an HD quality and reliable in-car camera, it is one great way to save when you start installing the best dash cam that won’t let you down when it matters. Then you’ll pay a bit less on the boring old insurance policy you buy every year. And a car cam can definitely help you out financially.

The great thing is that you can reduce your premium in many different ways. Every little bit you can save is definitely going to be helpful in these economic times.

You may be surprised to find out that simply asking a few questions can lead to savings.

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Here are some top questions you need to ask before purchasing your insurance policy so you can enjoy saving big money.

front and rear dash camsWhy Should You Use an In Car Camera When Driving?

First, you need to ask whether you should be raising your excess. If you need to have comprehensive cover, then the excess you have on your policy can make a big difference on the amount you have to pay for that insurance. Studies show that raising your deductible a bit can save you quite a bit of money.

In fact, savings can total from 10-30%, depending upon the deductible you choose, which definitely will help you to score the cheap car insurance you need.

Why a Front and Rear Dash Camera?

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Another question that you need to be asking is if there are any discounts that you qualify for on your insurance. You may be surprised to find out how many discounts are out there. Discounts are available for having safety features or anti-theft features on your vehicle. For low mileage, you can also get a discount. Not making claims can result in a discount as well. Many discounts are out there, so ask about them so you are able to get that cheap car insurance.

Why Does a Car Camera work?

You should also be asking if your policy is up to date. If your policy is not up to date, you could be paying a lot more than you need to for your insurance. When big changes occur in your life, it’s important to update your policy. If you are now married, this may lead to lower rates. Have you moved? Your new location may help you score lower rates as well. Always take the time to ensure your policy is up to date so you don’t miss anything that may lower your rates.

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Last, you need to ask yourself if you are carrying too much cover on your vehicle. While it’s definitely important to make sure that you have enough cover, many people make the mistake of purchasing more cover than they really need. For example, if you have an older car that isn’t worth much, it may not be worth it to keep a comprehensive cover on your vehicle.

You may find it’s a better option to go with a lower amount of cover, which can save you a huge amount of money and help in your pursuit of cheaper insurance.

Big savings are available today; you just need to know what to look for when considering your policy. Make sure you ask these questions when purchasing insurance. This way you can get the cheap car insurance you need while ensuring you also have the right amount of cover for your vehicle.

Save on your insurance costs by 5% annually when you install a front and rear dash the Save Insurance.

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