Insurance Approved Dash Cams – HD Black Box Recorder

Insurance Approved Dash Camera for cars and van or any other vehicle.Looking for an insurance approved dash cam but not sure what one to choose.

Please listen: insurance companies will use any footage (and so do the courts) if it is clear enough to make no mistake who was at fault. So, therefore – any dash cam these days are insurance approved, and if you don’t believe that call your insurance company right now and ask them.

Do what you need, ask your lawyer, get advice if you don’t want to believe our information and read on to find a cracking HD dashboard camera.

The Truth About Insurance Companies

Some insurance companies will offer discounts for insurance if you buy one of their approved dash cams but that doesn’t mean they won’t accept that evidence (if you buy from another website). As long as it is of HD high-quality and you can see what happened with the video you provide for them. Cameras don’t lie and courts love that fact.

Cameras don’t lie and courts love that fact. Trust us, you’ll be fine with any good quality dashboard camera when it’s set in the right position.

So your dash cam doesn’t need to be the most expensive, no way, but it does need to be HD with good sound quality.

This Information is Rock Solid

This information is checked over and over and remembers it’s the court that makes the decision if you provide clear solid evidence with an HD in-car camera and there is no such thing as an insurance approved dash cam. They only want you to buy their policy and their expensive camera.

Buy one around £100 with do you find but no greater than £180 for a back and front in car camera to keep an eye on passengers and the car behind you. Take a look at the product we’re offering today that can be used in car, vans, trucks and motorhomes.

Why an Insurance Approved Dash Cam?

Some insurance companies offer a discount for an approved dashboard camera but not all. If your insurance provider does, then great, you’ve landed on your feet. Have a look at the quality you can expect if you choose our camera today. The cam has built-in GPS and front and rear cameras.

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Understanding The Black Box In Car CameraFind out more about this dash cam.

Insurers what a device that’s fitted with a black box because older and cheaper models can loose video footage or lose their time and date and that could end up in the other party’s side. If it’s blatantly obvious that someone hit you and denied it, then you have the evidence to prove fault and you should get a higher premium next year (hopefully).

Here’s the same list of insurance companies who do offer a discount if you fit a dash camera they recognise.


Will I Get The Discount If I Buy an Insurance Approved Dash Cam?

The device we have on offer today will get you the discount from UK insurers because its made by a recognised manufacturer. Please be aware that a lot of models DO NOT give you this option and you should check first because you invest in a decent black box recorder. Black Box dash camera is definitely the way to go because they are activated even when you are parked up just in case somebody hits your bumper and does a bunk.

What Will The Insurance Company Ask Concerning The Model?

When you get a new car insurance quote the advisor will ask you if you have a dash cam fitted or you’re about to fit one and from there you’ll be offered a cheap price when the system calculated your policy.

You could save up to £50 to £80 and I know the dash cam costs more than that, but it’s a well-made device which should last you for many years to come. Just fit it and it’s practically maintenance free. If you need to use it or pull some evidence from the device all you have to do is plug in into your computer and download the footage with the USB cable that comes with your new dash cam if you buy it from us that is.

And why should you, it’s priced fairly and its picture perfect.

Front and rear car camera systemWhat Else Can This Dash Cam Do?

There are many benefits to in-car cameras and they’re not used for evidence gathering for the insurance companies. They are great for recording trips away with the family in the car and if you have a dual camera system you’ll be able to record the kids playing and chatting in the background.

It’s really good when you play it back many months or years later. Memories are what life all about and you can embarrass the kids when they older when you show the footage to their friends.

If you really want to, that is.

Can This In-Car Camera Record Audio?

The system we’re talking about today will record in full audio inside and outside the car so if you come up against any road rage, you can have the other party charged if they should abuse in front of the kids. You can even fit a dashboard camera to a motorbike or push bike to keep safe from other drivers.

The audio is crystal clear and you won’t be disappointed, we promise you.

What Picture Quality Can I Expect?

You’ll get real 1080p HD here and not like others claim to try and sell a 720p HD camera. You’ll see the difference when you start running around when it’s fitted. This is great for police evidence because if it’s clear as day it doesn’t take long for the police to make up their mind as to what happened.

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The Benefit of a Black Box Technology?

The camera has many other things that it can do including motion detection when someone walks or runs in front of you. They do this to save battery power when it’s really not getting used. You can also keep constant recording on if you drive a van for work or for some other reason.

GPS Mapping

Best car camThe camera we are offering today has a built-in GPS mapping software. It records when you were when the incident happened so it matches up with all the evidence gathered for prosecution or for any other purpose.

When you play the footage back on your PC or MAC the system will provide a map showing you where you were at a pacific time of day. That is a handy piece of technology and a full-proof way of proving something was not your fault in any case.

Buy This HD Car Camera at a Great Online Price

If you are interested in our well-priced insurance approved dash cam we would love to help you get it as soon as possible and start getting your insurance discount.

You should see your money back over a two year period if you save £60 per year after fitting the system in your vehicle. This in-car camera can be fitted to any car or a van, motorhome, campervan or lorry including HGV vehicle if that’s what you want it for, work that is.

Find Out More Before You Buy

We want to make sure you get the discounts on your insurance that you’re looking for and we also want you fully protected on the road. Have a look at the insurance approved dash cam product video and you’ll see what sort of quality you can expect when you have this dash camera fitted to your vehicle.

Take a look at the product in more detail to get a better understanding of why you should stay away from a cheap model that cost £30 compared to fitting a good quality one from the start.

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