Cheap Van Insurance for Business or Personal Use

Compare van insurance for business or personal useProtect Your Investment with Van Insurance

When I bought my van in 2009, I found out quickly that good van insurance was a necessity. Now when I say “good”, I am talking about low cost, excellent coverage; not cheap as in not worth buying a policy! There is a difference and you will find out when you start looking around for insurance for vans.

Here is what you want to look for.

Cover for Your Business with Van Insurance

First, make sure the insurance covers road service, towing and lockout services. If this type of coverage is not there, walk away. Most reputable insurance companies or agencies include these items in their policies at either no charge or an extremely low fee. This is important and you need to have the peace of mind that if you happen to break down, you can get your van to a safe place or a repair shop easily and quickly.

Know Your Limits

Then, take a look at your limits. Cheap insurance for vans should cover at least the replacement cost of a new vehicle. Remember that you are protecting yourself from the other drivers out there and there are a lot of expensive automobiles on the road. If you hit a Mercedes-Benz and the car is totalled out at £100,000, but you only have £50,000 on your policy, guess who pays the rest? You do. It is always better to be over insured than under insured.

Know About Your Excess CostsTransit vans

One important aspect of your insurance is your excess. This is the amount of cash that YOU have to pay up front to get your van repaired in the event of an accident. In general, the lower the excess, the higher your monthly premium, so be sure you strike a balance where you can pay the premiums and still cover the excess should you ever have to, God forbid.

Protection for Underinsured Drivers

Insurance for vans may or may NOT include some vital coverage like uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist. Be absolutely 100% certain that you have BOTH on your policy. This protects your van from being damaged by another driver who either has no insurance at all or not enough to cover your damages. In either case, if the accident is their fault, you do NOT pay the deductible. Very important in today’s economy, folks!

Is Cheaper Insurance for Van Better for You?

I know all of this sounds like a lot of stuff that pads the bill. The truth is that business vehicle insurance can be purchased that includes all of these services and coverage. Just because the word “cheap” is there does not mean that you have to suffer a loss. The policy can be cheap, or low cost, and still, provide the necessary protection that you and your family need.

Always Be Protected at All Costs

In these stressful times, you need to protect yourself from all types of potential losses. Don’t let insurance savings fall through the cracks. Go and do some comparison shopping to find the best balance of coverage, limits and premiums. You may be surprised at what you can really do here.

Time to Find a Policy

Your van is an investment so protect it like one with insurance for vans that fills the gaps in case some nonchalant, lackadaisical driver hits you.

Compare van insurance quotes and get the policy your business deserves.

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